Personal Injury and Permanent Disablity

If you have been injured as a result of negligence by another party you may be entitled to compensation and have the right to make a personal injury compensation claim, however there are strict time limits applying to the lodgement of claims.

You may be entitled to compensation for personal injury to:

  • compensate you for the pain & suffering you are experiencing due to your injuries
  • cover you loss of income, medical and related travelling expenses cover any expenses relating to the provision of domestic assistance and care required as a result of your injury

Additionally, if your injuries result in Total Permanent Disability you may be entitled to compensation for a larger amount.

Accidents that lead to an injury can occur in almost any situation you encounter on a day to day basis.

Such as:

  • tripping, slipping or falling down (eg. a public footpath or shopping centre)
  • whilst attending a learning institution
  • while participating in or attending events
  • while driving your vehicle or on public transport
  • whilst at Work (Workers Compensation Claims)
  • as a result of hospitalisation or an operation (medical negligence)
  • at a place of health and fitness (gym or swimming pool)
  • as a result of a product malfunction
  • on a private property or residence
  • whilst at a social function

Personal Injuries and the Occupier’s Liability

If a personal injury occurs as a result of an accident on a property owned by another party you may be entitled to receive compensation from the “occupier” of that property.

The occupier of a property will generally carry public liability insurance cover that protects them from personal injury claims.

An owner ( “occupier”) can be a business, company, landlord, council, tenant or any person that is deemed to have control over the property, premises or land where you sustained the personal injury..

The occupier will only be deemed liable for the personal injury if it can be demonstrated that they did not take reasonable care to ensure that the, premises or land were safe for any visitor.

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