Car Accidents

Many people are not aware that people injured in an accident may be entitled to claim personal injury compensation under the Motor Accident Scheme dependent on the situation.

This includes passengers injured in motor vehicle accidents, cyclists, pedestrians hit by motor vehicles, bus drivers, taxi drivers, truck drivers and people injured in public transport accidents.

You must prove that the driver of the vehicle or unidentified vehicle was responsible for the accident. This claim is made on the Third Party Insurance company of the driver who caused the accident. Even if the other driver was not insured, or you don’t know their full details, you may still be able to make a claim for personal injuries compensation.

You may still be able to claim personal injury compensation even if you are partly at fault in causing your injuries under the Motor Accidents Scheme however, a deduction may be made from the damages you receive as a result of your own contributory negligence.

If you were a passenger you may have a claim against the driver of your car or the other car.
There are strict time constraints applying to this type of claim.

If you were injured whilst travelling to and from work in your motor vehicle, the Workers Compensation scheme will also apply.

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