Commercial Litigation

Commercial litigation is, in general, any legal controversy related to business issues.

Matters that may fall under the heading of Commercial Litigation include:

  • Breaches of business or commercial contracts
  • Property disputes including commercial leases
  • Administrative law
  • Employment law and disputes
  • Discrimination issues
  • Business dissolutions
  • Shareholder issues and disputes
  • Interference with business relationships
  • Trade Practice issues
  • Corporations Law
  • Building and Construction disputes
  • Disputes over non-competition clauses
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Franchise issues
  • Partnership disputes
  • Debt collection

Commercial litigation covers all business conflicts. This is more specific than Business Law which includes the drafting of documents such as contracts and agreements ,business protection, Business Audits and so on.

Our lawyers have considerable expertise and experience to help clients know exactly where they stand in a commercial dispute and in assisting the client to identify and resolve the matter.

Our engagement early in a case can help save time and money through negotiating, mediating and/or arbitrating. We have a dispute resolution practitioner partner, who already conducts commercial and other arbitrations and mediations. His expertise in these fields provides invaluable knowledge and benefit to clients. However, when a dispute fails to resolve, even after mediation or arbitration, we are able to assist our clients through the court process, whilstmaintaining pragmatic and practical advice, especially in relation to cost vs benefit in any dispute.

We have a reputation for being adroit and determined in pursuing the interests of our clients and we consciously manage litigation matters bearing in mind the commercial interests of our clients and the need to preserve important relationships.

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