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Whitelaw McDonald acts for businesses and commercial enterprises both large and small by providing legal expertise in but not limited to:-

Whilst it might be true that not every business wants or needs in-house lawyers, we are available to be the closest thing you might get for your business.

In addition to the legal capacities mentioned above, at Whitelaw McDonald we have qualified and experienced mediators who can assist businesses in identifying real issues for the purpose of resolving disputes.

As we are loathe to advise a client to fight legal battles merely on principle, Mediation will often cut down the cost of litigation. It is our view that it is often better for a client to put his or her energy and time into the growth and health of a business rather than consume most life and business effort with litigation. However, when it is necessary, we will fight tooth and nail for you.

Our team pride themselves in providing straightforward and pragmatic solutions and documentation. In our commercial drafting we also apply ourselves to avoid the confusing padding that seems to appear in many legal documents we see these days.

Particularly with issues involving Intellectual Property (IP):

  • in most instances IP is an asset of the business and owners need to protect their ownership. There are various methods available including licensing. To safeguard valuable IP, we can assist with confidentiality agreements, anti-poaching provisions, restraints of trade and intellectual property assignments for arrangements with employees and other parties.
  • we can assist in cases of unauthorised use of IP and matters involving commercial licensing and copyright.

We have your interests at heart. After all, we have an interest in ensuring your business succeeds. We look upon our relationship as benefitting both you and ourselves in the long term.

Contact either of our offices to discuss any commercial matter you may have or make an appointment today by contacting our offices on (02) 4941 8999 (Newcastle) or (02) 4367 2600 (Erina).