Have you been the victim of an attack by a dog or other animal and suffered injuries

14 July 2022

Have you been the victim of an attack by a dog or other animal and suffered injuries.  If you have you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.


A woman  recently  been awarded $225,000 after she was badly injured when a Rottweiler mauled her and her dog on a Sydney Street after escaping from a nearby home.  The victim was walking her dog on a leash in Parramatta in 2019 and as a result of the attack the victim  was left with significant permanent disabilities which continue to affect her day to day life.


The Court found that the victim was savagely bitten on the hand multiple time and noted that the victim has pain and restricted movement in her hand and that there are many tasks she can no longer perform, including typing, writing and various domestic duties.    In addition she has also experienced recurrent nightmares and flashbacks. 


The victim claimed compensation for her own injuries, as well as her dogs, and the Court awarded the sum of $225,000.


If you have been injured by a dog or other animal you may have a claim for compensation including for pain and suffering, past and future loss of income, past and future medical expenses and out of pocket expenses


If you wish to know where you stand please feel free to contact Peter Moore at Whitelaw McDonald, Solicitors on 4941 8999 for a no obligation free chat as to rights.   It is important to remember that strict time limits may apply

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