Are you a permanent or casual employee?

24 June 2022

Are you a permanent employee or a casual employee.    Or are you in reality a permanent employee who has been classified as a casual.


An investigation was carried out by Griffith University (and reported in the SMH of 23rd April, 2022).  The findings included the following:


  .  About a third of casuals worked full time hours


.  About half had the same working hours from week to week, and


 . More than half could not choose the days on which they worked.


.  About 60% had been with their employer for more than a year and approx. 80% expected to be with the same employer in a years time.


. Only 27% of casuals worked varying hours and had no minimum guarantee of hours.


The above means that a huge proportion of the workers classed as casual because their not eligible for paid leave could  be classed as permanent, but are not.


The report from Griffith University argues the reason so many people working regular full time jobs are classed as casuals is because employers have the bargaining power to impose insecurity on their less skilled or less senior workers.  The report suggests it gives the employer the `flexibility` of being able to get rid of workers without notice or redundancy.


If you are at law a permanent employee you most likely would be entitled to benefits that you not otherwise be entitled to as a casual.  If you want to know where you stand please feel free to contact Peter Moore, Solicitor at Whitelaw McDonald on 49 41 8999 for an informal chat as to your rights.

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