Mario Bechelli

Mario Bechelli has practiced as a solicitor for over 25 years with a number of firms in the Newcastle area.

He practices in personal injury, family law, estate litigation, building disputes and criminal law and has a keen interest in commercial disputes.


  • Approved as a Legal Services Provider to the Workcover Independant Review Officer.

Currently Mario is an appointee to General Criminal Law and Children's Court Panels of the Legal Aid Commission. Also he is a former Arbitrator of the District and Local Courts.

Marios’ broad knowledge and skill have enabled him to successfully represent clients in a diverse range of cases which include (but are not limited to):- 

1. A dispute against a financial broker who had convinced his client to use the equity in her home to obtain a loan of several hundreds of thousands of dollars and to invest the proceeds in shares. This recommendation which was given not long before the GFC and had disastrous consequences. Mario was successful in claiming her losses against the financial advisor.

2. A claim for damages for a worker who had suffered a stress-related condition as a result of workplace bullying.

3. An action by a mortgagee to evict his elderly client from her home, the client having used the equity in her home to raise a bank loan, the proceeds of which were used by her relatives to fund an improvident investment. Despite a debt to the bank in the order of $700,000 Mario was able to negotiate a settlement allowing the client to remain in the home for the duration of her life without payment.

Additionally outcomes in other cases:-

  • Recovery from a bank a sum on the order of $300,000 from monies deposited in a financial investment scheme
  • Recovery of a sum of $250,000 from his clients former partner who had convinced his client to obtain a bank loan secured against her home which he then used to finance business schemes which ultimately failed.
  • Successfully challenging a will made by his clients estranged husband which made no provision for his client.
  • in bankruptcy proceedings where the process server was unable to serve the defendant with court papers because the defendant was keeping house, on the last day on which the papers were due to be served Mario personally attended the debtors house serving the documents and doing what the process server had for a period of weeks been unable to achieve. This is what his most grateful client had to say:

In these times of continual change and uncertainty the ability to identify and provide real insight and effective outcomes is crucial.

Leading case link to recent successful case:

Gregory Steven Krempin -v- Centennial Munmorah Pty Limited District Court RJ00236/16

Peter Owen Cannon -v- Narrabri Coal Operations Pty Ltd District Court RJ00258/16

Warren James Rowe -v- Mount Thorley Operations Pty Ltd & Ors District Court RJ00467/17

Peter Lewis Heffernan -v- Coal & Allied Operations Pty Ltd District Court RJ00222/17

William Alexander -v- BHP Billiton Limited & Ors District Court RJ00349/18

Arthur Kelso -v- E/B Oceanic Coal Australia Pty Ltd District Court RJ00248/18

Mario Bechelli