Motor Vehicle Accidents

mvaMotor vehicle accidents occur every day in every city however many people are uncertain as to what to do following an accident and if injured many are reluctant to seek legal advice due to fear of incurring expenses.

Many are also unaware of the fact that they can also make a claim if you were not in a vehicle at the time of the accident ie if you were a pedestrian and a car driver hit you with their vehicle.

The reason people have insurance is for these very situations. If a claim is filed, it is not the driver of the motor vehicle being sued but rather, the insurer. If your son drives you to a friend’s house and injures you with his driving, the name on all the documentation will be his however the insurer will be taking all of the action and incurring related expenses. The only thing he might need to pay will be the excess. All expenses brought about by the damages related to the accident are covered by the insurer under the outlined CTP, which includes the expenses for defending the case and the settlement amount which would eventually be agreed upon.

But lets go back to basics- What details do you need to exchange following a motor vehicle accident:

1. Name of the other driver

2. Name of their insurer

3. The contact number of the driver

4. The registration number of their vehicle noting the make and model

5. If they have it on them, the insurance policy number.

If the driver of the other vehicle does not stop or cannot otherwise be located you may be able to make your claim against the nominal insurer.

WHAT CAN YOU CLAIM: Monetary compensation for injuries/pain and suffering- Damages are awarded generally to place the claimant in the position in which he would have been had the accident not taken place. Monetary compensation may only be claimed in certain cases and depends on the severity of the injury.  Economic Loss: You may be able to claim for past, present and/or future loss of wages if you are able to establish that the loss would not have occurred but for the accident.  Vehicle repair or replacement (along possibly with replacement of other damaged items eg if your clothing or your glasses or some other property was damaged. Death of a relative in a motor vehicle accident: If a relative has died as a result of the other drivers negligence, then you are able to make a claim.

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